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LED Flood Lights Are More Versatile Than You Think

  • They are ideal for many different applications:
    • Landscape lighting
    • General site lighting
    • Alleys
    • Loading docks
    • Doorways
    • Playing fields and Stadiums
    • Pathways, Entrances and Walkways
    • Parking lot areas and More
  • They are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
  • Great way to improve security to ward of burglars and other intruders.
  • They replace existing HID flood lights and wall packs and will due to LED's energy efficiency.
  • They are easy to use (requires a hard-wired outlet). Install and point and you have a directional light that can light up just about anything.
  • If you want to take your flood lights to the next level, they are great for use with motion sensors or other instant on/off controls such as smart controls from Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • They come in an array of stylessizes, wattages, mounting options and color temperatures

Styles - Bullet, Architectural, Square, Stadium

Pictured above: Westgate LFD2 LED Bullet Flood Light with Knuckle - BUY HERE

When you think about a flood light you probably think about the standard square versions. We're here to let you know that not all flood flights are created equally. They also come in a bullet form, architectural designed and stadium light versions. 


Pictured above: Westgate Architectural LED Flood Light with Slip Fitter - BUY HERE

Architectural flood lights exist to give your fixture an extra bit of flare. These fixture includes a nice visor to help spread light more evenly. They can accent a home’s architectural details, as well as define entrances and walkways.


Our best seller is the standard square LED flood light version that comes in an array of wattages (15W to 500W) and sizes. A rule of thumb: The higher the wattages the larger the size of the fixture. What we like about these fixtures are that they are compact and can be used in an array of applications. They can be installed on the floor in concrete, dirt or grass, mounted onto on a wall, off a ledge and more to give you the best light possible for your project. 

Mounting Options

What is a Knuckle Mount?
An adjustable knuckle-mount bracket allows for aim-able illumination of a desired object such as a tree or sign. Suitable for sign lighting, billboard lighting, building façade lighting, architectural wall washing, outdoor displays, and security lighting
What is a Trunnion Mount?
A trunnion mount also known as yoke mount is often used for wall mounting. This allows you mount the light on any flat surface such as a wall, concrete floor, square pole or bull horn.
What is a Slip Fitter Mount?
A Slip fitter mount is for round light pole for mounting a single lighting fixture. 

Color Temperatures

These bad boys are BRIGHT and come in different color temperatures. The most standard temperatures are 3000K, a soft white glow, 4000K, a daylight glow and 5000K, a crystal white glow. For some lights a 6500K temperature is also an option which will give off a cooler white. We have an array of flood lighting to chose from in order to complete the exact look you are looking for.

Material Finishes

Most items are created with a die-cast aluminum housing with powder coat finish in bronze or white.    


An IP rating from 44 to 64 works in mild climates. But for extreme weather conditions, we recommend flood lights with a rating of IP65 or above. 

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We hope you received great value from this post. If you have any questions regarding our LED fixtures or feel like we missed something please contact us through our website or call us at (323) 939-9900. We've been dishing out quality service since 1982 and would love to give you a helping hand on your next project. We do have a physical store if you would like to see the fixtures in hand. Our address is 5512 W Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA.

As always, be the light.