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Monday seems like a good day to write a new blog post. Today's subject: Path lights. More specifically, LED Path Lights because whose really still using those old halogen light bulbs? Move over grandma, were in the future, the future is quite bright and it's energy efficient and helps you with your electric bill. 

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What are path lights good for? 

1. Illuminating the path would be wise so you don't trip over yourself.

2. Moreover, it is a great way of creating a sense of security at night. In Beverly Hills down Santa Monica Blvd there is a garden path. In the last year  they have added path light, so you can walk your dog, run or walk comfortably late at night and still enjoy the beautiful scenery without being scared of the dark. Our tax dollars at work!

A more practical application for an homeowner is to light up a path to your front door or light up the way to your garage or driveaway. Another place a path light may go is in your backyard leading to a patio, pool or backhouse.

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Another thing I like about path lights is that there are so many different styles to chose from. You can go with your basic long stem light such as a pyramid path lights or go in a different direction like bollard lights. You also have standard pagoda lights or lights that face two different directions. Today, I even came across a light that is hedged between a tree trunk. A path light not only lights the way, but it can set the mood based on the vibes you are trying to set.

Stump Light by Duncan Meerding

Color theory also comes in play here. They are available in so many colors to chose from. Most popular path lights are available in brass, bronze, black, green or bronze.

Additionally, you can also chose the color temperature of the light. Do you want to create a warm atmosphere or a cool atmosphere? Do you want colors to be involved? How about a motion sensor? The possibilities are endless when you are creating your ideal mood.

So next time, you see a path light, you know that it is more than just a light illuminating your way. There's layers to all of this if you just ask the right questions. 

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We work with some unbelievable manufacturers such as ABBA, Oak, Orbit Electric, Westgate Mfg., and Best Quality Lighting just to name a few. If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to e-mail us. We have thousands of options not listed on our website. Just tell us what you're looking for and be sure that a friendly So Cal Electric team member will hook you up with exactly what you are looking for.

Can you think of any other way Path lights can be beneficial?