Los Angeles Electrical Supply Store - Sonic Electric

We offer a wide range of electrical supplies needed for your home, offices, business areas, and other large-scale uses from lighting, connects, sockets, and switches. We stock every electrical product you need to accomplish your needs and projects at affordable costs. Selecting the right electrical appliance can be challenging since the market is saturated with similar items. We offer you the best quality and reliable products from certified and most recognized manufactures globally.


Electrical products for every job

Our electrical supply is divided into various groups depending on the use and the place of use. In broad categories, we offer office, factory, and home electric supply. It makes a huge difference to have the right electrical item and the right place in your office, home, or factory.

We stock a wide range of office electrical items such as LED tube lights, LED panel lighting, suspended lights, and other focused lighting solutions. We are aware that brightening your office is key to facilitating productivity and reducing office accidents; that is why we provide top-notch lighting solutions.

In the home category, we provide kitchen electrical fixtures, bedroom electrical fixtures, living room electrical fixtures, driveway and garage fixtures, pool electrical fixtures, and exterior fixtures. We also provide landscape products to add beauty at night and visibility. These products complement your home to provide security, a warm and cozy feeling to the residents.

Other electric supply categories include security items, lighting, heating, connection, wiring, controls, fittings, fuses, and monitors. You can also find power extension and regulation items. We also focus on your home, office, and factory security by providing electrical security products such as CCTV cameras, motion sensors, and alarms.

We offer heating and cooling equipment for factories, homes, and offices. We have quality ACs, fans, and heaters to service every square footage in the building. Our customers can also purchase fire items such as smoke detectors and alarms at affordable prices.

Besides key electrical products, we also stock wire management items to support, organize and protect your cables. We also provide connectivity tools such as pliers, testers, switch panels, and tapes to cover open-wire surfaces. These items are available in bulk for retailers. Individuals interested in a wholesale electric supplier can get in touch with us. 

How to purchase your item

Finding a wholesale electric supplier is challenging; we got you covered. We focus on offering the best services to our customers, that is why we are available online, and you can also visit our major outlets. We offer an expansive range of items for building, repair, and upgrade solutions to ensure you enjoy one-stop shopping. We also offer discounts during certain periods of the year to ensure everyone has a chance to get an item.

Your trusted partner

We are the top electrical supply; we aim to provide reliable electrical and lighting solutions to everyone without discrimination. Our stock is diversified to cover the needs of everyone. If you need help finding any electrical part or product, our customer care team is ready to help you within the shortest period.