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Recessed lighting also known as trims, downlights or can lights are a necessity in every home, apartment, condo or office buildings, but are they getting played out?

I came across a home on Instagram (below) that triggered this blog post. The home is absolutely gorgeous, but my eyes gravitate more towards the cans of light in emitting from the ceiling instead of the beauty of the textured walls, wooden floors, marble back splashes, cabinets and furniture. 



It got me thinking do consumers know that there are different ways to lighten up their spaces? Alternatives and additions to recessed lighting can be ribbon/tape lighting, architectural linear lighting, track lighting, multi-head recessed lighting, pendant lighting and more.

Is Recessed Lighting

View our collection: Ribbon Lighting AKA Rope Lighting, Strip Lighting or Tape Lighting

An LED strip light is a flexible circuit board that is populated with LEDs that you can stick almost anywhere you want to add powerful lighting in a variety of colors and brightness. You can cut the strip every few inches, allowing you to freely design your project without worrying about space requirements. LED strip lights are flexible and can be bent vertically up to 90 degrees. This allows you to add light to places previously thought impossible. LEDs can be manufactured to emit a variety of single colors and color changing options. With a thickness of 1/16’’ (2mm), LED strips can be installed in many tight spaces and can easily be hidden from view. The back of the strip is fitted with a strong 3M tape, allowing you to peel and stick lights to many different surfaces. Our LEDs are dimmable and compatible with most home automation systems, wall dimmers, and remote dimmers. You have complete control over your LEDs. Additional environmental protection can be added to make the strips IP65 or IP68 rated (Dust/water resistant or dust/waterproof). We are able to customize specialty strips for your project to include custom colors, lengths, CRI, width, voltage, brightness, and more. Contact us!

Our PickWestgate 24V Outdoor Extra High Output LED Ribbon Light - 49 Foot Roll, 5.8W Per Foot

Sale price $180.00


Is Recessed Lighting

View our collection: Architectural Linear Lighting

We offer LED linear fixtures in a range of options so that finding the right one is easy. Whether you’re looking for surface mount, suspended, louvered or recessed, these sleek modern fixtures provide an eye-catching look yet are powerful enough to get the job done. LED linear fixtures are versatile, in that they are suited for many different applications and offer a light spread that works well with a variety of ceiling heights. LED linear fixtures are typically narrow and rectangular in shape, and are usually offered in 4 or 8 foot lengths. Their long, even design awards you the ability to illuminate large areas with ease. They utilize different types of lenses such as diffusers or louvers to properly spread and/or soften the light quality.

Surface mount linear fixtures are installed tight to the ceiling, while pendant-style mounts are hung with cables or chains and suspended from above. Recessed linears have a polished, low profile design. Lightweight aluminum housing gives you that modern look and feel, while high-performance LEDs provide energy efficient diffused light that is visually appealing. Easy to install and long-lasting, LED linear fixtures require much less maintenance than other types; particularly important when it comes to lighting mounted up high. We offer many LED architectural linear fixture options including dimmable, CCT, linkable, and more.

Our pick80W Architectural LED Linear Light - 3CCT Selectable, 8 Foot

Sale price $341.00


Is Recessed Lighting

View our collection: Track Lighting

Functional and stylish, track lighting serves as both light source and art piece for your home or workplace. Track lighting is - as the name implies - any lighting feature that uses a ceiling mounted support track or a rail to provide the electricity to individual light fixtures. Track lights are installed on ceilings and walls in locations that demand performance and adjustability. These lights are ideal for directional lighting—for example: focusing light on artwork or other objects and task lighting. Track lighting is flexible, so adjusting lights to match rearranged furniture is easy to do, and this lighting solution is the best alternative for locations that cannot accommodate recessed lighting.

Our PickMorris 38W White LED Track Light - Halo Compatible

Sale price $29.95 Regular price $49.95


Is Recessed Lighting

View our collection: Multi-Head Recessed Lighting

Browse our collection of Recessed-Multiples LED recessed lighting available in square with 2-light, 3-light and 4-light recessed-multiples options. Flanged or flange-less, trim less recessed lights are ideal for commercial and residential applications.