Lighting Fixtures at SoCal Electric - Sonic Electric

There are plenty of options that provides light to a home, from the integrated architectural lighting fixtures that need merchants and contractors to install to decorative lamps that you place on top of the table and plug into the closest outlet. Certain fixtures tend to match best a particular layer of lighting like the task, ambient or ancient. But, others are very versatile to suit different occasions. Are you wondering what lighting-fixtures to get for your home? Well, below are the types of lighting- fixtures you should consider.


Architectural Lighting-Fixtures

Architectural lighting-fixtures are specially designed to fit a house. If you decide to use this type of lighting fixture, your architect will guide you on choosing a fixture that's right for the project. They may ask you what you want your house to be like - modern or traditional? Will it be more effective to have fewer light-fixtures or more? Architectural lighting-fixtures are the non-decorative ones. They can be installed on a single switch, making them easy to turn on and off. This is why they are famous for outdoor lights.

Interior Lighting-Fixtures

These are the types of decorative lighting-fixtures you may find in a home or office. It adds ambiance to the area while it also lights up space. They can be a wall-mounted, pendant, or surface-mounted.

Outdoor Lighting-Fixtures

This type of lighting-fixture suits areas that require outdoor illumination. Such places include pools, patios, pathways, and gardens. But they also come in handy when outdoor activities like grilling and barbecues are done in the evening. You can integrate it into the overall design of the building or standing on its own without any wire connections. The typical fixtures include wall-mounted, pole-mounted, and floor standing varieties.

Decorative Lighting Fixtures

Besides adding aesthetics to your room, decorative fixtures are also known to light up areas with ambient lighting. It's a safe approach for homeowners who want to add more light but without the hassle of hanging chandeliers or other types of lighting-fixtures.

Landscape Lighting-Fixtures

This type of lighting fixture is mostly used to highlight landscape or architectural features, guiding visitors. They include spotlights, floodlights, and accent lights.

Tabletop, Desk, and Floor Lighting-Fixtures

These lighting-fixtures place on top of the table and add a soft light to the area below. Table lamps have been in existence for a long time. It is the most common type of lighting fixture you will find in antique shops. You'll find them in various styles and sizes. Plus, they're very versatile and portable light sources for a room.

Recessed Lighting

As its name suggests, recessed lighting-fixtures are those installed within the walls. These lighting-fixtures are available in many shapes, sizes, and styles to suit any room or space.


A skylight is placed on top of a house's roof. This enables you to capture the light from above during the daytime and let it into the rooms below. It is designed to bring natural light into any room or space, so you don't need to install additional lighting-fixtures.

Ceiling Light Fixtures

As the name suggests, ceiling lights are installed directly above your head. It is designed to provide light in a wide range like over tables and other furniture or entire spaces.