Landscape Lighting Supply - Sonic Electric

The beautiful landscape that you have designed to enhance your yard can be even more enjoyable by adding functional and decorative lighting. There are many ways to brighten your garden, trellis, patio, or flowering shrubs to enjoy them at night as well as by day. Here are some affordable options that are easy to install and maintain.

Solar Ground Lights

Also called solar pathway lights or just solar lights, these small, solar-powered lamps are secured in the ground by a pike end. You can arrange them wherever and however you wish, such as along the driveway to highlight clusters of blooming flowers or to edge a perimeter hedge. This exterior lighting display is effective without being intrusive and provides safety as well as beauty. You can spotlight high points of your landscape or use them for general outdoor lighting when night-time illumination is needed.

Mini-Light Strings

Drape strings of small lightbulbs similar to Christmas tree lights over the shrubs, in the surrounding trees, or around the patio posts. They come in LED or soft white shades to suit any purpose. With flexible arrangements, you can hang the lights anywhere in your yard to highlight special points of landscape interest, including holiday decorations or fence decor. They are great landscape lighting options for parties or night-time relaxation outdoors among your flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Lamp Post

Electric-powered or battery-operated lamp posts offer stylish exterior lighting in styles that coordinate with your home design, whether Victorian or contemporary. You can install a lamp post anywhere in your yard, and they can brighten any nook or corner where you want to showcase hanging baskets of seasonal blooms on the patio, for example, or on the front porch. You can choose various types of lightbulbs for the lamp post, including a soft, diffused lightbulb for a cozy or romantic glow or an LED bulb illumination style of outdoor lighting that sharply defines the nearby area.

Focused Lighting

Using either white light or a colored lens, you can target an area of your landscape with one or more focused spotlights that can be ground-based on mounted on a shed or garage wall. Landscape lighting is then streamlined toward a specific niche or display that you want to stand out for all to see. This type of lighting is often seen during the holidays in decorated lawn ornamentation. Whatever the occasion, time of year, or style preference, you can find plenty of landscape lighting options to work with. Install one or more to brighten your landscape year round.