Electrical Supply Fittings Super Store - Sonic Electric

Behind the scenes, we are a full-fledged Electrical Supply and Lighting warehouse. Based in Los Angeles, CA, we has been dishing out quality service since 1982.

Until now, our website, SoCalElectric.com did not reflect the many electrical fittings we sell everyday in store to our customers.

We added tons of new products from Orbit Industries to our store that we hope make your experience at SoCal Electric that much better. New electrical products include EMT Fittings, Rigid Fittings, Flex AC/MC Fittings, Liquid Tight Fittings and more.


Compression Connectors

  • Roof Jacks
  • Pipe Hangers
  • Flex Connectors
  • Grounding Locknuts
  • Universal Strut Clamps
  • Conduit Chase Nipples
  • Ground Bushings
  • Service Entrance Caps
  • Service Entrance Heads
  • Service Entrance Straps
  • Floor Flanges

Compression Couplings


Liquid Tight Fittings/Connectors

Split Bolt Connectors

Reducing Bushings


Conduit Bodies

Ground Clamps