Westgate LED Flood Light Project Update - Sonic Electric

Our friend Hersel from Care Electric finished installing the five Westgate 30W LED Flood Lights in Cool White in the front of our store. For those who are not aware, a cool white color temperature emits a white bright light. In alternative, a warm white color temperature emits a more golden inviting hue.

Westgate LED Flood Light

Southern California Electric is finally lit up at night, but that doesn't mean our work is done. Every lighting project has trials and errors. This is what we discovered.

Yes, the wall is lit up, but not in full. We may have to re-position the LED Flood Lights further apart or add two more flood lights to illuminate the ends of the wall.

Second, we must tilt the LED flood lights slightly towards the wall to give more emphasis on the wall itself and not on the street. Do we change the color temperature to give a more warming effect? Should we reposition the lights closer or further apart from the wall? 

Westgate LED Flood Light

Third, I doubt anyone is going to take a second to notice our store. Unless you are from the neighborhood or walking by on foot you will probably miss the huge wall that reads Southern California Electric: Wholesale Electric Supply. We might have to rethink our strategy.

Do we install Neon Lights to grab attention. Our Pinterest board, Dream in Neon has a ton of lighting inspiration. We can also add String Lights to grab give a more polished professional look. We can also just sit tight until we finally have our mural up. Decisions, decisions...

After speaking to Hersel and one of our other loyal customers named Amos we decided to instal 2 more flood lights to each end of the wall at a 30 degree angle facing one another to bring the whole wall together.

You have to always think about the alternatives during a lighting project. You must think about the pros and cons of each option and chose a path that works best for you. We will keep you updated on changes. In the meantime, head over to the comment section to let us know what you think and give some suggestions!