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It's an interesting time for Southern California Electric. We are getting rid of old inventory, moving existing inventory and opening up the front door to the shop after 15 years. Currently, parking & entrance is from the rear alley.

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We just added 2 Westgate 50W LED Flood Lights in Bronze (also available in White) in Cool White to the back off the store to illuminate the parking lot at night. The lights are attached to a photocontrol, so they automatically turn on when the sun goes down and turn off when the sun goes up. Pretty neat, we know. The lights are incredibly bright! They are equivalent to the white lights you are familiar with that shine light on football fields. It is very impressive how much power  these small lights emit.

More Blogging

Today, our customer and good friend Hersel from Care Electric is going to continue to install more flood lights to the front of the store, so potential customers will notice our storefront at night and in turn will give us more business. We are still mulling over our options.

Do we use a warm white or cool white temperature?

The warm white led flood's will be more easy on the eyes creating a more inviting look and vibe. The light will not be bright white, but give off more of a golden glow/hue. A white light might be better because we plan on painting a mural soon, but may also be to blinding to onlookers. We are also located in a neighborhood that is filled with many trendy restaurants that use warm lighting. If we end up using warm white led technology we will just blend in with all the other storefronts on the street. If we use the white lights we will stand out from the rest. Shout out to our neighbors: Bloom Cafe, Stevie's Creole Cafe, My 2 Cents, Powerplant Superfood Cafe, CJ's Cafe, Pico Deli and Paper or Plastik Cafe. OKAY Liquor Store we see you in the corner and will visit soon for an Arizona Ice Tea and Hot Cheetos snack!

Do we use 3 50W LED Flood Lights or 5 30W LED Flood Lights (also available in White finish)?

The 50W led floods might be brighter, but they create huge light spots on the wall. If we end up using 3-5 30W flood's they will blend in together and create a more finished look.

We hope to open the front of the store by the end of the month. We already moved our counter, so it now L-shaped to connect the front and back door together for customers. Visit us soon. Our store manager Tony and salesman Eli are always ready to help answer your electrical and lighting questions. 

That's all folks. We will share more news about our store at a later time.