Popular Item Alert: 4" to 6" LED Fire Rated Cans Housing for New Construction - Sonic Electric
4” to 6” Fire Rated LED Housing Cans for New Construction are one of our most popular items to date.

  • UL Listed
  • Airtight
  • 2-hours fire rated
  • Suitable for damp locations
  • Different sizes: 4" to 6"
  • Different styles: Shallow and regular

The main reason these recessed housings are so popular is because they are designed to meet strict fire safety codes in commercial and residential applications in California/Los Angeles and other parts of the United States. Using a fire-rated downlight can significantly decrease the time it takes for a fire to spread compared to a non fire-rated alternative. .

Our Most Popular Fire Rated Cans

4” Fire Rated LED New Construction Cans

Sale price$ 38.90

6” Fire Rated LED New Construction Cans