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Lighting is an important aspect to any project and the office is no different. In this blog post, I will share different options for a brighter office space.

LED Tube Lights

LED Panel Lighting

LED Troffer Lights

LED Troffer Lights are also known as Center-Basket Lights or Barrel Lights.

LED Suspended Lights

LED Parabolic Light

LED Architectural Round Suspended Light

LED Architectural Round Suspended Up/Down Panel Light

LED Architectural Suspended Light

LED Round Suspended Up/Down Light

LED Suspended Up/Down Panel Light

LED Wrap-Around Lights

LED Track Lights

LED Commercial Recessed Trims

Fluorescent Lighting Tubes

Yes, LED Lighting is the talk of the town and rightfully so. 

LED lighting is more energy efficient, it burns less energy, produces less heat and requires less maintenance. In other words, it saves more money over time. Nevertheless, LED technology costs substantially more than fluorescent lighting from the onset. For example, a fluorescent tube can range from $2.75 to $8.00, while LED lighting tubes range from about $14.00+.

Both LED and fluorescent lighting are energy efficient when compared to traditional incandescent bulbsA disclaimer: Fluorescent bulbs do contain small amounts of mercury that can be poisonous if the bulb is broken.

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