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In today's rapidly evolving world, rooftop power solutions have never been more important. Orbit, a pioneer in electrical infrastructure innovation, has introduced the game-changing Pedestal Posts, designed to serve power to nearly 99% of all common rooftop equipment. These patented PP Series Pedestal Posts are NEMA 3R Listed raceways, setting a new standard for efficiency, safety, and aesthetics in rooftop power management.

Optimize Rooftop Power Efficiency

Orbit 30"/60" Pedestal Post for EV Charger/Roof Power

Reduced Labor and Material Requirements

One of the standout features of the PP Series Pedestal Posts is their two-piece design, which significantly reduces labor and material requirements compared to traditional stick-built solutions. This not only saves time and money but also minimizes disruption during installation.

Enhanced Impact Protection

Unlike tubular raceways, Orbit's steel stand provides superior impact protection for conductors and devices. This added durability ensures the longevity of your rooftop power infrastructure, even in challenging conditions.

Streamlined Roof Penetrations

Orbit's Pedestal Posts allow conduit to be routed below the roofline, minimizing the number of roof penetrations required. This reduction in penetrations not only preserves the integrity of your rooftop but also enhances its overall aesthetic appeal.

Seismic Calculations Available

Safety is paramount, especially in regions prone to seismic activity. Orbit offers seismic calculation requests to ensure that your rooftop power infrastructure meets the highest safety standards.

General Specifications

  • Stand Material: 13 GA Steel
  • Base Material: 3 GA Steel
  • Coating: Zinc Plating + Powder Coated
  • Color: Grey
  • Mfg. Process: Welded

Optimize Rooftop Power Efficiency

PP-30-S Specifications

  • Two (2) 1-gang device openings with gasketed Blank Covers (1-BC)
  • Includes 10-32 Ground Screw with 10" Solid Cu. #12AWG Pigtail (top opening)

Optimize Rooftop Power Efficiency

PP-60-S Specifications

  • Three (3) 1-gang device openings with gasketed Blank Covers (1-BC)
  • Two (2) #1/0-14AWG Double Terminal Lugs (center opening) with four (4) available terminals

Optimize Rooftop Power Efficiency

Base Specifications

  • PP-30-B opening 3/4”
  • PP-60-B opening 1-1/2”
  • Includes Installation Instructions and four (4) 1/4"-20 Bolts for assembling the Stand
  • Features four (4) hole provisions for 3/8” anchor bolts or stud anchors (not included, by other)

Optimize Rooftop Power Efficiency


Orbit's Pedestal Posts are versatile and suitable for various applications, including:

  • New construction or retrofit
  • All types of non-slanted commercial rooftops (membrane, metal, built-up, etc.)
  • 60” Post for fused and non-fused safety switches serving rooftop equipment (HVAC units, air handlers, VFDs, etc.)
  • 30” Post for toggle switches or providing service outlets within 25-ft of equipment per NEC 210.63
  • Indoor industrial equipment (conveyor belts, machinery, motors, etc.)
  • Outlet posts for outdoor planters, gardens, and atriums
  • Access keypad stands for automatic entry gates

Roof Sealant Disclaimer

It's essential to collaborate with a roofing contractor to ensure that Pedestal Posts installed on rooftops are properly sealed in compliance with all applicable codes and regulations, as well as project specifications.


Orbit's commitment to quality is evident through its certifications, including UL certification, EC&M Product of the Year, and recognition as a NECA show stopper in 2021.

Final Thoughts

Orbit's Pedestal Posts represent a revolution in rooftop power management, offering unmatched efficiency, safety, and aesthetics. With their innovative design, durability, and versatility, these posts are an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Elevate your rooftop power infrastructure with Orbit's Pedestal Posts and experience a new era of rooftop power solutions.

For more information and to explore Orbit's product offerings, please visit their website or get in touch with their expert team. Revolutionize your rooftop power today!