Get Inspired by this Landscape Lighting Project - Sonic Electric

Best Quality Lighting (BQL) is a Los Angeles-based manufacturer that supplies the highest quality industry standard of low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures made with solid die cast brass.

We just supplied a client with an array of BQL products for improvements to his front yard and garden. We decided to share what he bought to give other customers new ideas on how you too can improve your own home and garden

LV36 in Antique BronzeLV36 in Verde Green

LV70 in Stainless SteelLV70 in Antique Bronze

For starters, our client purchased the LV36 and LV70 up & spot lights. These are lights usually placed on the floor that shoot light upward creating an new ambience for any wall, ceiling or tree. The LV36 is available in antique bronze and Verde green finishes. While the LV70 is available in antique bronze and stainless steel finishes. Both these lights also have a tree mount option if you would like to point them back to the ground or up towards the branches and leaves of your trees.

LV22 in Verde GreenLV22 in Antique Bronze

Our client also purchased the LV22 path light. These are one of our favorite fixtures available from BQL. These fixtures are ideal for brightening any driveway, garden, entryway or walkway. Pathway lighting may be the most important lighting to install. Even if you’re on a budget, you’ll want to be able to walk through your landscape at night safely or make a statement and impress guests when they first walk into your home. This fixture is available in the antique bronze and Verde green finishes.


Lastly, our client purchased the LV84AB-LED deck lights.  Attractive, well-placed lighting makes decks safer as well as more inviting. The fixture is suited for railings, posts, and stair risers due to its thin and compact design. The fixture provides a wide range of options for customizing outdoor spaces for after-dark use. Step lighting is important for safety, but it’s also an attractive way of bringing depth and the interplay of shadows to the landscape.  This fixture is only available in the antique bronze finish.

Why should I care about the finish?

This always depends on the type of statement you want to make. 

Verde Green

If you want your fixtures to blend in with your green plants you will be more inclined to use a Verde green finish. The Verde green will be less distracting in the daytime and will blend in with your garden during the night time so your plants are the main attraction. This is a much more playful choice.

Antique Bronze

The antique bronze finish gives off a much different vibe. In the daytime, your fixtures will pop out contrasting with your green plants and flowers. In the nighttime they will blend in and will hardly be noticeable. This color also gives off a much more rustic and urban demeanor.

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel finish is the most bold. It will likely help deter animals due to its shiny face and will give your home a much more modern touch.

We hope this article gets you exited for your next outdoor lighting project with so many other landscape lighting fixtures to chose from.