Brand Spotlight: AirZone Ventilation Fans - Sonic Electric
AirZone Fans previously known as Panamex has 17 years of experience manufacturing high quality ventilation products out of Vernon, CA.
Bath fans come in various sizes for efficiency. Each bath fan will indicate the maximum square footage it can ventilate. Fan designs have evolved, and are now available with features such as a decorative light, heater, humidity sensors & more. Installed one of three ways, bath fans can be installed as a ceiling mount - the most common, a wall mount or the versatile ceiling/wall mount.
AirZone has ultra quiet and very efficient, DC fans which are becoming the top choice of most builders. Ultra quiet AC fans which offer long life and silent operation.  Available from 50 to 140 CFM's. Their series of premium fans can be converted to LED or fluorescent fan-lights without the use of tools. Moreover, AirZone's new recessed fan light is ultra quite and is available with or without humidity sensor.  Title 24 ready! Most importantly, every fan is backed by full 5 year warranty. 

A bath exhaust fan can perform several functions. Here are a few reasons you should purchase one from us:

  • It can exhaust smelly air, allowing fresher air to enter the bathroom.
  • It can exhaust humid air, allowing dryer air to enter the bathroom.
  • When operated for 24 hours per day or when controlled by a timer, it can act (in some cases) as the most important component of a whole-house ventilation system.

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