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The K-60 Voltage Tester is a simple, yet vital, device which should be found in every electrician's tool belt. It is used to detect the presence, or absence, of voltage prior to working on a circuit.

The K-60 has many features which set it apart from the competition. These include:

  • Dual voltage indication (neon lamp and indicating arm)
  • Compact design (easily fits in most any tool belt)
  • Unsurpassed ruggedness
  • Stainless steel prod tips
  • Works without a battery
  • Low input impedance (approx. 4000 ohms) to help identify circuits with loose or marginal connections
  • All internal connections are soldered (no crimping)
  • Prod-mount case for easy operation in difficult situations
  • Two year warranty
  • Made in the USA by Union laborers

The K-60 features a solenoid-driven indicating arm and neon lamp. Both of these are used to indicate the presence of voltage from 120 to 600 Volts (AC and DC). The arm provides a visual indication of the voltage level. The neon indicator provides redundancy and allows the user to determine if the indicated voltage is AC or DC. Finally, the solenoid provides a vibration which is a further indication of the presence of voltage.

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