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The demand for residential solar metering solutions is rapidly growing. Siemens is committed to offering new and innovative products and solutions to support the needs of various residential alternative energy applications. We are proud to introduce this new 24 space, 42 circuit, side-by-side meter-load center combination device that can support a PV input up to 70 Amp back fed on the main. These new meter load-center combination devices represent an innovative and versatile addition to Siemens portfolio of high quality, Title 24 compliant, residential solar solutions.

Emergence of Solar

Solar power over the past decade has had tremendous growth and shown an immense amount of promise as a viable source for electrical power in the energy grid, especially in residential applications. All across the board, the prices of solar power have been dramatically reducing. In fact, a study by the U.S. Department of Energy states that from 2010 to 2017, the cost of residential photovoltaic (PV) power per watt has decreased by over 60%, and is expected to continue going down. This has led to a vast increase in the amount of solar being deployed.

The Problem

As more and more solar has come into the market, companies focusing on the integrating energy infrastructure in the residential space have struggled with how to handle the new solar technology. A few solutions have been implemented, but Siemens wants to show you how it is possible to use our products to effectively and efficiently integrate solar into your household. We’ll break it down into two main categories:

1. Common Solar Platforms

Restrictions to Meet for Solar – NEC 705.12 The National Electric Code provides specific requirements to ensure that solar power is safe to use. In order to remain safe, the 2017 NEC states: “A connection at either end, but not both ends, of a center-fed panelboard in dwellings shall be permitted where the sum of 125 percent of the power source(s) output-circuit current and the rating of the overcurrent device protecting the busbar does not exceed 120 percent of the current rating of the busbar.”

  • Utility current enters the bus via the main breaker
  • Solar current enters the bus via a field installed breaker à We use 125% of current because breakers are rated at 80% current
  • BOTH breakers are protecting a COMMON BUS, so to make sure the bus does exceed the allowable current, the 120% rule must be taken into account

Features of Siemens Solutions in Common Platform

  • Options up to 70A of alternate energy input
  • Main breaker located at opposite end of bus from reserved solar input spaces

2. Reaching your System’s Full Potential

Siemens has created an innovative solution to meet the needs of this growing market. These “Solar Ready” devices route the alternate power to the supply side of the service disconnecting means and provide terminations to the load side of the meter socket. This eliminates having a common bus and therefore the need to de-rate the main breaker.

While the previously mentioned common solar platforms do meet standards, they have their limitations. For example, installers may be limited with adding as much solar power as their customers would prefer. Many times, the main breaker is required to be de-rated in order to maximize solar power. This consumes valuable branch breaker space since backfeeding the alternate energy breaker onto the bussing is necessary. Others provide options to connect solar ahead of the service disconnect, but the Siemens solution is factory installed and takes wire bending space into consideration. This simplifies the install process and allows large alternate energy inputs.

Problems with Common Platforms

  • Having to de-rate main device in order to safely incorporate solar
  • Lose valuable load space from solar breaker
  • Solar current limited to 120% rule

Features of Siemens Solution

  • Up to 200A of alternate energy input
  • Solar power source is separate from busbar and supplied ahead of the service disconnect (do not need to worry about 120% rule anymore)
  • Do not need to de-rate main breaker
  • Does not take up valuable breaker space on the busbar

Our Best Sellers

200-Amp 24-Space 42-Circuit Flush Mount Solar Ready Meter Load Center Combination - MC2442B1200EFV

200-Amp 24-Space 42-Circuit Surface Mount Solar Ready Meter Load Center Combination - MC2442B1200ESV


  • Features a 200 Amp main breaker and an enhanced 225 Amp rated bus offer flexible new solution for residential solar applications requiring a higher ampacity alternative energy input
  • With the featured 225 Amp enhanced bus rating and 200 Amp main breaker, our customers are now able to utilize higher amp solar inputs without debating
  • Raised base pan for ease of wiring
  • Top two spaces reserved and marked for up to 70 Amp back fed solar input
  • Raised neutral bar featuring insta-wire design for ease of install
  • 200 Amp main breakers located at the opposite end of the bus from the reserved solar input spaces
  • 225 Amp bus rating
  • Overhead or underground feed
  • Surface or Flush Mounted

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