Garden Lighting Design: Patricia Castle in Cheviot Hills, CA - Sonic Electric

Our dear friend Mozie visited our store yesterday to inquire about landscape lighting for his home. He has a 3-story castle-style abode infused with tons of greenery, white/grey brick walls, architectural accents, white roses and vines. 

So how did we hook him up?

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Westgate LF3-30 30W LED Flood Light - Qty. 10

By now you must have figured we're obsessed with Westgate's 30W LED Flood Lights. These are the same lights we installed recently to our storefront. These bad boys are small, stylish in the white finish and pack a punch of light. With these lights Mozie can now appreciate his beautiful architecture and illuminate the vines going up his white/grey brick walls. With this light he will also be able to highlight some of his homes beautiful features like his circular foyer and crown molding.


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Westgate 6W LED Garden Light Fixture - Qty. 30

These 6W LED garden fixtures are perfect to light up shrubs, small trees, pots of roses and other greenery. Mozie will be using these to bring security to his front/backyard. Most notably to shine light on pathways, his rose garden and to give life to his medium sized greenery at night time. They might have a low wattage, but rest assured you are getting a lot of shine for your buck.

We agree that these might not be the most stylish garden light, but sometimes you need to give up style for substance. The LED technology in these fixtures are something else. 

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If you are looking for something to add to the beauty of your landscape design, we suggest looking through Orbit Industries LED Landscape Directional Lighting productsThese products are available in array of unique finishes like Bronze, Verde Green, Stainless Steel and more. [Orbit Lighting Color Reference]

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We also recommend checking out Best Quality Lighting's Landscape Lighting products and then upgrading to LED Light bulbs.


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Enerlites IUC2V-D 2-Gang Weatherproof Bubble Outlet Clear Cover for Outdoor Switch Enclosure - Qty. 1 [Call to Order: (323) 939-9900]

Enerlites is one of our favorite manufacturers to work with. When you are looking to keep your receptacles dry from the rain and your sprinkler system you turn to these waterproof enclosure. Also, a great way to keep things looking clean and fresh in your front or backyard.

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Enerlites 61501-TR2USB 4.0A High Speed "Smart" USB Charger w/ 15A Tamper Resistant Receptacle - Qty. 2

No need to carry your lousy power adapter anymore to charge your phone or tablet. All you need now is your USB charging cable to charge. These are super convenient! Enjoy charging in the garden or in inside the home with no hassles.


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12-2 Low Voltage Cable - 500 feet [Visit our store to purchase: 5512 West Pico Blvd. Los Angels, CA 90019]

Those landscape lights don't power themselves. Your electrician links up your exterior lighting with these 12/2 landscape wires.  Currently we only sell our wire in store. To order give us a call at (323) 939-9900. Ask for Tony. He is super intelligent in electric and lighting supplies!

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Emcod EMT300HL 12V 300W Transformer [Call to Order: (323) 939-9900]

Last, but not least you need a transformer to put it all together. This is the power source and where all the magic happens. You can set up timers and photo controls to get your lighting just right at your desired times. Also available in store or for pick up. Just call us at (323) 939-9900 or drop in at 5512 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019. 

We hope we were able to shine a little bit of light and inspiration for your landscape lighting project and show you exactly how the process works. If you would like any more information just let us know.