Elevate Your Electrical System with Insulated Ground Bushings

In the realm of electrical systems, safety and efficiency are paramount. One critical component that plays a pivotal role in ensuring a secure electrical setup is the Insulated Ground Bushing. Specifically designed for terminating service conduit to a cabinet, these bushings provide a crucial link between your electrical components. In this blog post, we'll explore the features and certifications that make these insulated ground bushings an indispensable part of a robust electrical infrastructure. Insulated Ground Bushings are designed to cater to a range of electrical setups, offering flexibility with sizes available from 1/2" to 5". Whether your project demands a smaller or larger conduit, these ground bushings provide a comprehensive solution, ensuring compatibility with various conduit sizes for a seamless integration into your electrical system.

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  1. Zinc Die Cast Construction: The Insulated Ground Bushings boast a sturdy zinc die-cast construction, ensuring durability and longevity. This robust material not only contributes to the overall strength of the bushing but also enhances its resistance to environmental factors.

  2. 105°C Rated Throat Insulator: With a 105°C rated throat insulator, these bushings are designed to withstand the rigors of electrical systems operating at elevated temperatures. This feature ensures the insulation's integrity, even in demanding conditions.

  3. Universal Lay-In Lug: The universal lay-in lug, used in conjunction with a locknut, facilitates the termination of service conduit to the cabinet. This user-friendly design streamlines the installation process, saving both time and effort.

  4. Bonding Jumper Compatibility: The lug provided with the insulated ground bushing serves a dual purpose by allowing for the easy connection of a bonding jumper to the neutral busbar. This ensures effective bonding within the system, promoting a safer electrical environment.

  5. Protective Plastic Liner: To prevent damage to wire insulation, these ground bushings are equipped with a protective plastic liner. This additional layer of insulation adds an extra level of security, safeguarding the integrity of your electrical wiring.

  6. UL Certification for Peace of Mind: The Insulated Ground Bushings come stamped with the prestigious UL certification. This mark of approval attests to the compliance of these bushings with stringent safety and performance standards set by a globally recognized testing organization.