Brand Spotlight: Dyconn Faucet Backlit LED Mirrors - Sonic Electric

Dyconn Faucet was founded in 2004 and has since set-forth to develop and offer exceptional, premium kitchen and bath products that promote better living.

Dyconn provides many different attractive home essential products and models, all of which are distinguishable by style, finish and innovative design. Our favorites are their LED mirrors that come in array of styles, sizes, and features.

Brand Spotlight

Pictured: Edision M13AT series with Multimedia (TV or Bluetooth) Non-Crystal and Crystal Version (Tri-Color: 3000K, 4000K, 6400K)


  • Rectangular mirrors
  • Circular mirrors
  • Medicine cabinet mirrors
  • Make up mirrors
  • Crystal frame mirrors
  • Gold frame mirrors
  • Recessed black/silver metal frames
  • Frosted glass frame
  • Stand mirrors 
  • Customizable mirrors


  • 24 x 34
  • 32 x 36
  • 16 x 30
  • 34 x 24
  • 60" and up


  • Tri-Color Temperature: 3000K, 4000K and 5000K all-in-one
  • LCD TV and Media Screen
  • Bluetooth speaker 
  • Anti-fog technology
  • Backlit LED mirror
  • Dimmable

Brand Spotlight

PicturedVolta M17 Series LED Backlit Mirror with Crystals, Tri-Color - 20" W x 28" H

Through trial and error, Dyconn mirrors have come a long way from when they were initially created. After three different revision processes and years of honing their skills, they are proud to present to you a generation of mirrors that is anti-rust, copper and mercury free.  

All of our their mirrors are eco-friendly, using different color temperatures of LED light to illuminate its occupying space and create an ambiance. All backlit mirrors are UL certified!

Discover the fun of getting ready with these mirrors.

Brand Spotlight

PicturedEgret M16 Series Tri-Color LED Backlit Mirror - 24" W x 34" H

Brand Spotlight

PicturedMaxwell M19 Series LED Backlit Circle Mirror, 3000K - 32" Diameter

Brand Spotlight

Pictured: Apollo M15AT series with Gold Leaf Trim (3000K only, No built in Anti fog) Available in two sizes: 30" W x 38" H  and 28" W x 64" H