Available Now: The Koto™ System from Elco Lighting - Sonic Electric
Fully adjustable ideal for directional and accent lighting
All Koto™ Trims feature Twist-&-Lock System for easy trim installation
Premium LED Technology in the palm of your hand
Many accessories to choose the perfect fit for any project


The Koto™ System from Elco Lighting is quite remarkable. Pick your desired housing, LED light engine module and demountable twist and lock trim and you are good to go.

First things first, you will need to chose your desired recessed housing. All housings are not created equally for new construction and remodel jobs. Here are a few you can choose from:

  • Airtight
  • Shallow
  • Architectural
  • Elco Lighting's Alo™ housing


The Koto™ also includes three different LED light engine modules:

  • Architectural Construction - Up to 1,500 lumens, 120/277V, 0-10V, ELV, Triac dimming. Plus a Focus version.
  • Standard - Up to 950 Lumens, 120V, ELV, Triac dimming. Plus a Focus version.
  • 12V AC Retrofit - Up to 850 Lumens, 120V.. For retrofitting MR16 bi-pin low voltage housing.


The Koto™ is also very versatile because its trims come in a plethora different shapes, sizes and finishes:

  • 3" Pex™ Trims
  • 4" Pex™ Trims
  • 4" Flexa™ Trims and Unique Trims
  • 6" Koto™ Trims


Browse our expanding collection of Koto™ products from Elco Lighting here.