E-Mon D-Mon E20-208100-JKIT - 240V 100 Amp 3 Phase Sub Meter

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Class 1000 single-phase kWh meters are fully electronic, low-cost meters for monitoring electrical usage in multi-family, commercial, industrial or other single-phase applications. E-Mon s patented 0-2 volt output split-core current sensors allow for quick and safe installation without power interruption. These sensors allow for meters to be remotely located up to 2,000 feet from the electrical panel they are monitoring. multiple sets of sensors can be installed on one meter to provide cumulative usage readings for multiple loads.

Class 1000 meters can be supplied in compact Multiple Meter Unit (MMU) Configuration for installations where space is at a premium. These meters can also be interfaced with RightEnergy™ software for a complete energy intelligence system monitoring not only Class 1000 meters, but any style E-Mon D-Mon meter or other electric, gas, water and steam meters. Key Features

Ideal for both new and retrofitted facilities Monitors multiple loads with one meter for a cumulative reading UL Listed; Utility-grade accuracy Split-Core sensor(s) included, Solid-Core available

Key Benefits

Versatile - Monitors anything from a single lighting circuit to an entire building Convenient - Installs without interrupting power to you or your tenants Accurate - Certified to national accuracy standards ANSI C12.1 and C12.16 Reliable - E-Mon D-Mon meters have set the industry standard for metering products for over 25 years FEATURES

Easy to read 8-digit LCD Display

Direct reading for all amperages without multiplier.

Displays accumulative KWH and "Real-Time" KW Load

0-2 Volt output split-core current sensors allow for safe and accurate remote mounting of current sensors up to 2,000 feet from meter without power interruption (Optional solid-core sensors available)

Parallel up to three (3) sets of current sensors for cumulative reading

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